Fashinnovation & The Lions – Partnering to Enhance Sustainability in the Industry via DEI 

Due to the rise of digital fashion, the industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, making industry platforms focused on community evolve into a necessary tool for brands/companies to influence culture, display their collections, connect with consumers & industry, and grow their businesses.

The biggest challenge is the negative environmental impact arising from fast-fashion and overproduction as well as human rights. To combat this, there is a growing movement of fashion industry experts who are increasingly vocal and speaking up about other pertinent socio-economic issues intersecting with fashion.

Fashinnovation and The Lions are partnering to bring a greater focus on people & DEI when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry. Fashinnovation is a NYC-based platform founded with the purpose to connect the fashion and tech industries to create a sustainable supply chain and innovative & inclusive future for fashion. Lions Management, founded in 2008, is a talent management, branding, and creative services company based in New York City working with models, actors, athletes and influencers, in the fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle industries.

“Fashion has the potential to be a universal leader in sustainability. Our goal is to keep creating different ways for fashion stakeholders to come together, unify their position, and create meaningful solutions for our industry,” Julia Kisla states.

To kick off the partnership, Kisla hosted a panel alongside Sinead Bovell, Coco Rocha, Anne V. and Natane Boudreau at the 12th Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks in NYC. Moving forward, the Fashinnovation x Lions collaboration will consist of industry events, reports, and other annual activities aimed at innovating style and highlighting their values.

“We at Fashinnovation, when we think of the word sustainability, with its large meaning and its all-encompassing nature within the ecosystem of fashion, we think of people. We think of the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and equality, and ensuring that everyone throughout the supply chain is treated equally and fairly. This is why it thrills us to partner with The Lions, whose founder, Julia Kisla, has always pioneered the importance of sustainability throughout her work with the industry,” Jordana Guimaraes, Co-Founder of Fashinnovation, states.

Visit the Fashinnovation and The Lions websites to learn more.

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