Next week, purveyors of trendy togs will descend upon Las Vegas to drink, dance, get daring with their dough and maybe even sell a few clothes. Yup, Magic Season begins next week, as does its hipper offshoot The Pool Trade Show and the too-cool new kid on the frock block The Project Show .

We’ve had the pleasure of getting our sun and sin on more than a few times during the annual tradeshow tirade thanks to several designer pals who’ve shown and sold there and even a couple DJ gigs at the after-parties (Beauty Bar on the old strip, not the Bellagio or anything). Anyhoo, if you’re planning a Vegas trip, and you’re the type who likes to hit up Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace, etc. the end of August is the time to go. D.M. head Steve Aoki will be spinning at what will arguably be the best bash of the week, and once ya get there, you're sure to hear about a bunch more. See flyer below to RSVP.

Of course, most fashion snobs wouldn’t pop a Black Satin-pedi’d toe inside a circus-y Vegas tradeshow, at least not to trendspot. So wrong…everybody knows real style starts in the streets and even if the frocks in the cardboard booths there lack innovation, the getups on the kiddies who work in them are always fresh.

Still, for the true fashion elite, it’s all about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park in New York, and in a few short weeks, the catwalks there will be crawling with creative couture and pop culture vultures. Check back here for random reviews and reports. (No we aint going, but with so many websites devoted to the shows, who needs to?).

All the biggies will be there of course, but guess who else will have some major Park presence? Sears! In an attempt to change its power tools & polyester image, the cheapie chain is apparently doing some kind of installation showcasing old and new lines sold there over the years (hopefully Dittos -now owned by Frankie B's Daniella Clarke- will part of it, we fondly remember buying our first pair there as kid).

Fierce photo from

In other NY Fashion Week news, we hear last year’s Bryant Park darling, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano is doing a maternity line. And yes, its got the word “fierce” in it. It’s called Fierce For Moody Mamas. Can’t wait see to see his “Hot Baby Bitches” and “Tranny Mess Tykes” lines for the infants once they’re popped out….

Whitley Kros at the last LA Fashion Week. Photo by Lina Lecaro

And finally, our pal over at Los Angeles mag, fellow redhead/style maven Laurie Pike breaks some big news about our own L.A. Fashion Week on her Chic Leak blog. Looks like this October’s show at Smashbox may be the last, though there’s plenty of buzz about BoxEight filling the void, and maybe even a move to Hollywood for future Fash-o-ramas. Which makes sense- in LA the red carpet has always been more powerful than the runway, doncha think?

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