You can’t come across a menu in any of L.A.’s best restaurants without a Weiser Family Farms item. Known for their creamy potatoes, crisp ninja radishes, shishito peppers, juicy melons and carrots the colors of the rainbow, their bounty can be found at every farmers market across Southern California, every day of the week. You’ll find  son Alex Weiser regaling customers with the beauty and magic of the lowly parsnip with ‘60s music playing in the background. On the high holy day of Yom Kippur this week, a part of the music died.

Via the family’s Instagram page, Alex announced the passing of family patriarch Sid Weiser:

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My heart is heavy today with the passing of my Dad & best friend, Sid Weiser. We’re so grateful to the Farmer’s Market community, who embraced us from the beginning, valued his good work and believed in his dream of being a successful farmer. My dad measured success not by financial gain, but by love, and how many people he could make happy. Clearly to me, he was so much more than the iconic photo on the Weiser Family Farms box; he was a loving husband to my mom Raquel, proud father and doting grandpa. He had a sunny disposition and always ready with a funny quip. You felt good just to be in his company. Farming is tough, but My dad was the perpetual optimist. He never gave up, and that optimism drove us to become pioneers in sustainable farming and made Weiser Family Farms a staple of the Farmers Markets in Southern California. My dad found great joy in the work itself and childlike excitement in planning the next year’s crops. I am going to miss my dad more then I can possibly express here. He was my rock, my buddy and my trusted confidant. I will miss his delight in talking about our latest crop, or his wise counsel on how we can improve on the next crop and especially that enthusiastic “Hey Alex!”when I’d call. He’d always ask, “When you coming over?” Man, I’m going to miss that a lot. My dad was born, and died, on Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. In our faith, this means he came into this world as a blessing and without sin, and left it the same way. So to honor his legacy Weiser Family Farms we will press on with the same excited optimism, keep growing beautiful, delicious food and never, never give up. 💚

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