If you follow Pitchfork on Twitter, you may have already guessed what's coming next: Fan Landers is no more. Its author, Jessica Hopper, has been hired out to greener pastures to tend more copy as Pitchfork's Senior Editor and Editor-in-Chief of its slick, new-ish print product, The Pitchfork Review. And though it pains us to say goodbye to her column, which has run every week in this space for well over two years, we couldn't be more happy for her.


Every week, she'd help bands sail the rough, unpredictable waters of the music industry with the kind of sage advice we desperately wished we'd had back when we were in a band. In fact, that was frequently our only note when she'd turn the column in every Monday — “I wish there was a resource like this back in the day!” She's helped many an act in her time as Fan; whether she was advising them how to use Twitter, or how to better budget, she always shot straight, and pulled no punches. Let's take a look back at some of our favorite Fan Landers' columns, shall we?

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Join a Rich Kid's Band?

How Do I Break Into L.A.'s Scene?

Why Shouldn't My Band Play Corporate Shows?

Is It Possible to Stay Sober on Tour?

Things Bands Do That Keep Promoters From Booking Them

Quit Working for Free!

You know what? We were trying to scroll back and pick out the best advice, but we're coming to realize it's all the best. Read every single bit of it in the archives. My God, what have we lost? [Sobs uncontrollably]

Best of luck, Jessica. (You won't need it, but still…)

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