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And by “very small amount,” I mean gobs, and gobs, and gobs. The first evening of the Fangoria Weekend of Horror Convention, there was an “extreme” fashion show featuring babes in skin-tight vinyl and latex from Fierce Couture and Junker Designs. It was the first fashion show I've been to where the audience was 90% straight men. Could this woman/model below be the reason why?

She did things with her body you wouldn't believe. She scuttled down the runway like a perverse, fleshy crab-woman. It was frightening and fascinating. Then Victoria Vengeance did a strip-tease which began with a Victorian gown and culminated with her climbing nearly naked into an old fashioned clawfoot bathtub filled with blood. Afterwards, some of the undead models played with the blood backstage.

Fangoria the magazine turned 30 this year. Their line-up of special guests this time around included Sam Raimi, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, Pinhead from Hellraiser, Shannon Elizabeth, Roddy Piper, Brad Douriff, Cory Haim…anyone and everyone who's ever been or helped someone else be chopped, maimed, cannibalized, hung, chain-sawed, cursed, bitten, infected, sliced, diced, possessed, haunted, hexed, reanimated or resurrected on screen. It felt like they were there either hosting or speaking on a panel, or pimping their new project, or signing autographs, or reminiscing about bloody times past.

The exhibition hall is a one-room testament to the million terrible and spectacular ways a human being can meet his maker. These excellent DVDs were to be found at the Troma Entertainment booth in the vendor hall. Some people like their horror to be genuinely frightening. Others like it to be Hitchcock moody, or sexy, or out and out senseless gory. Others, and this is my camp, like their horror to be insane and hilarious. I mean, “Killer Condom”? Genius.

These cute sugar skulls were also tempting. But not edible. I couldn't decide if $20 was a fair price for them or not, so I left empty handed.

It was a long day, and some of the vampires needed to relax.

Some people, like this guy below in the terrifying raccoon shirt, have no taste for latex bodysuits. “Is this the movie prop auction?” he said at the fashion show. “No? I don't want to see no fashion show. I'd rather go home and watch Unsolved Mysteries.”

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