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Fanatic! A fantastic list of songs we have lined up for you. I think most of our contributors are known to you at this point.

The Kid Congo single is great! You can find it here.

Here's info on the single from the site:

Spider Baby / Apple in the Razor Blade
We are proud to announce the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of 7-inch records celebrating the only holiday that matters. Kid Congo kicks the series off in grand style tackling the theme song to the movie Spider Baby (originally sung by Lon Chaney Jr.) and a very creepy instrumental. Pressed on beautiful black and orange splatter vinyl, housed in a ghoulish sleeve designed by Igor and pressed in an edition of 666. The A-side, “Spider Baby,” is a cover of a movie theme song originally sung by Lon Chaney Jr. Apparently Kid was given a cassette of the song by Siouxsie Sioux when he was in The Cramps as she felt they should cover it. Apparently it was considered then forgotten. Kid got around to doing it 36 years later.

As per the usual, I've been listening to the show all the way through one last time and I believe we are top to bottom good to go.

This is our last October show. I hope you feel that we did the month justice.

Celebrate wisely and STAY FANATIC!!!


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Hour 1
01. Roky Erickson & The Explosives – I Walked With a Zombie / Halloween Live 1979-1981
02. Lucifer – It's Lucifer! / Lucifer
03. Wet Lips – Money / Wet Lips
04. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – Spider Baby / new single!
05. Charles M. Bogert & Frogs – Mating Call of the Barking Treeefrog / Sounds of North American Frogs
06. Deadboy & the Elephantmen – Misadventures of Dope / We Are Night Sky
07. Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands / single
08. Olivia Neutron-John – Death-Tango / download
09. The Fall – English Scheme / Grotesque
10. The Rites of Spring – Patience / EP
11. Black Marble – Static / A Different Arrangement
12. David Bowie – V-2 Schneider / Heroes
13. Kraftwerk – Das Modell / Die Mensch Maschine
14. Eater – Lock It Up / single
15. Alicja Trout – Living in Fear / Alicja's Home Recordings (CDR)
16. Iggy Pop – Fall in Love With Me / Lust For Life

Hour 2
01. The Damned – Born to Kill / Damned Damned Damned
02. The Bad Brains – Jammin at the Atlantis
03. The Viletones – Screamin' Fist / single
04. Ween – Ocean Man / The Mollusk
05. Le Butcherettes – Mr. Tolstoi / Sin Sin Sin
06. Joy Division – Isolation / Closer
07. The Damned – 1 of the 2 / Damned Damned Damned
08. The Ruts – Jah War / Singles Collection
09. Eric Idle & Neil Innes – Stoop Solo / Rutland Times
10. The Afflicted – I'm Afflicted / single
11. The Misfits – Halloween / 12 Hits From Hell
12. The Teen Idles – I Drink Milk / Flex Your Head
13. The Damned – Curtain Call / The Black Album

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