Fanatics! I am well aware that you might be getting tired of reading that “tonight's show is amazing” week after week, but what can I say, tonight is a great one.

For instance, look at our first track. That's right, Fanatic, thirty years ago, the Birthday Party live at the Roxy. I was at this show and so, I thought it was a perfect way to start off the night.

Have you heard the new Marnie Stern album, The Chronicles of Marnia? It is awesome all the way through. I know it came out a couple of weeks ago and we were going to play it on last week's show but I was unavoidably detained on location and was unable to get a new show together. So, finally, we get a chance to get some of this new Marnie to you.

I apologize for last week's re-run but at least the music was good.

If you notice, we have a Stooges track from their new album to play for you. I got the green light from the band's management to turn it loose.

A few weeks ago, I got a letter and a CD from music genius Gene Defcon. He is in a group, the Charles Edward Cheese Band. It's a rap band for kids. I think there's at least one member of the Phone Company in the band as well, so you know it's going to be great.

This guy, Chihei Hatakeyama, I don't know much about him but like what I heard of his online so I bought some of his records and I am now a big fan. I thought I better put one of those tracks in the mix for you.

I don't know anything about Keizo Miyanishi but I have been checking out his band Onna and while not the easiest records to find, I managed to source a few and tonight we will check out one of the band's more psyched out numbers.

We finish hour one with some brand new White Fence, available from your good friends at Castle Face records.

In Hour two, we take another crack at the “new” Hendrix album, People, Hell & Angels. On the album, there's a version of “Villanova Junction Blues,” one of Hendrix's best tunes. What you get on the album is a short version that fades out. Years ago, the Experience label released a CD called Burning Desire, with a great, full version of the tune. Why we need another one, truncated at that, is beyond me. Tonight, we will rock the Burning Desire version.

You might have heard us play this song before but in case you didn't, you're in for a treat. 'Life Fades Away” was written by Glenn Danzig and was sung by Roy Orbison for the Less Than Zero soundtrack. I think it's one of Roy O's finest moments.

The band Alunah sent me some of their songs a few weeks ago. Really cool. Get info on them here.

My favorite track off the new Bowie album is “Heat,” the one we are playing tonight. It reminds me of Scott Walker.

If you notice, we have an Evens track from their new album, towards the end of the show. That is to give all you Fanatics a heads up that IAN MACKAYE WILL BE LIVE IN THE STUDIO WITH US NEXT SATURDAY. On April 6, Ian will hang out with the Big Three like he did last year and we will hear what the man has to say and play. I am leaving it all up to Ian to supply the tunes.

Until then, get ready for all this good music coming your way and STAY FANATIC!!!

Henry Rollins: The American People Kicked Your Ass, Republicans

Henry Rollins: Noise Music Is the Real Thing

Henry Rollins: Gay Marriage Is Punk Rock

See Henry's tracklist below:


Hour 1

01. Birthday Party – Pleasure Avalanche /  03-30-83 @ the Roxy LA CA 

02. Marnie Stern – Year of the Glad / The Chronicles of Marnia

03. Thee Oh Sees – Flood's New Light (vers 2) / Putrifiers II Demos

04. The Stooges – Burn / Ready to Die

05. Frank Zappa – Down In De Dew / Läther

06. Charles Edward Cheese Band – Going to the Chapel / Philosophy Of Rap

07. The Big Bopper – Big Bopper's Wedding / Hellooo Baby!

08. Chihei Hatakeyama – White Light / A Long Journey

09. The Snakes – Fixing A Chair / I Won't Love You ('Til You're More Like Me)

10. Onna – Were You To Become A Mother / Onna

11. Aurelio Kowano – Uta Rungula Wamane Lekaya / Forgotten Guitars of Mozambique

12. Amanaz – History / Africa

13. Lair Of The Minotaur – Horror / The Ultimate Destroyer

14. Team Doyobi – 58008 / The Kphanapic Fragments

15. Monty Python – Blood, Devastation, War & Horror /  Previous Record

16. White Fence – Pink Gorilla / Cyclops Reap



Hour 2

01. Jimi Hendrix – Villanova Junction Blues / Burning Desire 

02. Sea-Saw – Stereo / Magnétophone

03. The Rajahs – Shifting Sands / Klik Records

04. Lost Sounds – You Don't Know Remote Control /  Rat's Brains & Microchips

05. Roy Orbison – Life Fades Away / Less Than Zero

06. Rodriguez – I Wonder / Cold Fact

07. John Coltrane – Ogunde / Expression

08. Einstürzende Neubauten – Tanz Debil / Kollaps

09. Alunah – The Offering / White Hoarhound

10. David Bowie – Heat / The Next Day

11. Scott Walker – Pilgrim / Bish Bosch

12. The Evens – King Of Kings / The Odds

13. Track Star – Bad Time / Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 02

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