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Fanatic! Below you will see the tracks we have lined up for you. It's another dose of great October listening.

I think I might have told you of my great excitement at the release of the new David Bowie box set, A New Career in a New Town 1977-1982. Both LP and CD versions are full of problems and poor mastering. Until they straighten them out, if they ever do, I would strongly recommend you stay well away from this release. If you go on Amazon.com, you can read a lot of reviews that are spot on. It will be interesting to see if the release is recalled and fixes made. That will take months, if they even bother. You would think that if Visconti was involved, everything would be spec. Ugh.

Enough of my frustrations. We have a great show here and next week's is all ready to go. I hope you're getting a lot of good listening in. I am trying to digest at least five albums a day. I only got to three yesterday but I'll even up in the next few hours. I've been tied to two different work areas and three computers all day. I'm working on an upcoming radio show on one, editing Fanatic Vol. 4 on another and scanning images for said book in yet another. It's a lot of running around but I'm getting it done. Back to it!

Listen to a lot of music and STAY FANATIC!!!


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Hour 1
01. The Damned – Sick of Being Sick / single
02. The Ruts – In a Rut / single
03. Suicide – Ghost Rider / Suicide
04. Wire – Ex-Lion Tamer / Pink Flag
05. The Adverts – Bored Teenagers / single
06. One Last Wish – Break to Broken / 1986
07. The Fall – Totally Wired / Early Singles
08. The Cramps – Rockin' Bones (Hot House Studios, NYC 02/79) / Studio Demos bootleg
09. The Gun Club – Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
10. David Bowie – Panic In Detroit / Aladdin Sane
11. Gene Defcon – Psycho Freakout / Come Party With Me 1999
12. Babs Gonzales – Prelude to a Nightmare / Weird Lullaby
13. Generation X – Night of the Cadillacs / Valley of the Dolls
14. The UK Subs – Ice Age / single
15. Joy Division – No Love Lost / Substance
16. David Lynch – Movin' On / Crazy Clown Time

Hour 2
01. Buzzcocks – Noise Annoys / Singles Going Steady
02. X Ray Spex – I Live Off You / Germ Free Adolescents
03. The Rolling Stones – Hang Fire / Tattoo You
04. Pere Ubu – Prison of the Senses / 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo
05. The Bad Brains – Jammin' at the Atlantis / Black Dots
06. The Misfits – Some Kinda Hate / Static Age
07. Viki – No Date / Split w/ Hair Police
08. Butch Willis & the Rocks – Every Time I See Her / Conquering the Ice
09. Robert Pete Williams – Doctor Blues / Blues Masters
10. The Butthole Surfers – Graveyard / Locust Abortion Technician
11. Dinosaur Jr. – Tiny / Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
12. Discharge – Never Again / Protest and Survive
13. Eater – I Don't Need It / The Album
14. The Panik – Modern Politics / It Won't Sell! EP
15. Le Butcherettes – Tonight / Sin Sin Sin
16. Alex Cameron – Runnin’ Outta Luck / Forced Witness
17. Tilt – Search & Destroy / 12″

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