Here in L.A., it's hard to ignore the changes in how we watch television. Most of our Facebook friends have a Kickstarter for their web series. CBS goes blank on Time Warner Cable boxes — but you can still watch full episodes of Under the Dome on Netflix's “For Your Consideration” Emmy Awards billboards for House of Cards assault us as we're stuck on Santa Monica Boulevard.

We know that online video may be the future — and that not all of it is worthy of our attention. That many new cable channels are starting, but it's hard to know which will survive.

So for L.A. Weekly's fall TV preview issue, we've kept an open mind, including shows from almost delivery method, new and old: network, basic cable, pay cable, syndicated, satellite provider, user-generated video community and top-down online media site. Each one, however, is of particular interest to L.A. readers, capturing an aspect of our city and the way we make entertainment. 


The Arsenio Hall Show: After 19 Years, You May Now Renew Fist-Pumping

The Birthday Boys on IFC: How a Cult UCB Sketch Group Became a TV Show

Masters of Sex on Showtime: They Revolutionized Sex Before the Sexual Revolution

Knife Fight on Esquire: A Cooking Competition That Started IRL in DTLA

We Need Help on Yahoo!: Celebrity Former Celebrity Assistants, Sharing an Assistant

Almost Human of Fox: What Does an LAPD Cop Think of an LAPD Cop Show with Robots?

Full Circle on DirecTV: In Every Episode, Two Actors Eat Together in an L.A. Restaurant

Emma Approved: Creators of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries Try Another Jane Austen Series

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