It's the equivalent of painting the curb in front of your house red when you don't want outsiders taking up parking, then washing the paint off when the party's over. According to The Eastsider L.A., inventive neighbors of Dodger Stadium have printed up fake no-parking signs to ward off thrifty-minded fans who save $15 by parking off-site and walking to the ballpark. One authorative-looking, red-and-white variant, seen in Solano Canyon, reads, “Restricted Parking/Resident Parking Only/Game Day Only.”

Near the Sunset Boulevard side of the stadium, Lilac Terrace residents have taken to donning Day Glo traffic vests and setting up plastic street barricades. They issue locals “pink and green index cards stamped with a variety of Looney Tunes

characters, including the Tasmanian Devil,”  while telling visitors to look elsewhere.

Ironically, the Eastsider points out, not even the city's own “Local

Traffic Only” signs, often seen on plastic saw horses, are legally enforceable. Not only that, but the site

claims visitors are ignoring the fake no-parking signs, leaving us to wonder if

the besieged locals will escalate their tactics — and, if so, what

form those tactics will take.

LA Weekly