Yesterday, a New York programmer launched a mock online menu of Guy Fieri American Bar + Kitchen, complete with spoof appetizers, entrees and sides. Quite a few sites found Bryan Mytko's roast funny, albeit with the occasional voice of protest. Since this initial wave, Gawker has picked up on a tip that the online menu may not be all Mytko's handiwork.

When news of the spoof menu first dropped, we read about how Mytko not only found that the entire handle of Guy Fieri American Kitchen + Bar was for sale as a domain and bought it; he also designed a one-page webpage modeled after Fieri's eponymous restaurant in Times Square.

Approaching it like a creative writing exercise, Mytko had up such entrees as the 'Prufroktoberfest,' consisting of “beer-seasoned local meat with a peach and ether glazed Malboro Light, slathered in Mid West Hot Rod Flavor Juice.” There is also 'The “Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam” Appetizer,' which reads like a mockery of Fieri's sartorial aesthetic: “We take 38 oz of super-saddened, Cheez-gutted wolf meat, lambast it with honey pickle wasabi and pile drive it into an Ed Hardy-designed bucket. Sprayed with Axe and finished with a demiglaze of thick & funky Mushroom Dribblins.”

It's not the first time someone took hits at Fieri's restaurant. Buzzfeed's Katie Notopoulos shared a fake secret menu written by someone under the Twitter handle @a_girl_irl around the time the restaurant website was down due to a GoDaddy hack. (Incidentally, @a_girl_irl is one of those accusing Mytko of lifting content from others.) Two months later, The New York Times would publish Pete Wells' scathing review of Guy Fieri American Bar + Kitchen, becoming a litmus test of sorts for restaurant critics and readers.

Fieri went on the Today show soon thereafter with a set of responses, which for The Atlantic proved to be a win for the genial food personality. And Fieri had the support of those who found the review too harsh fans coming to his defense.

All's fair in love, war and food, it seems.

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