The manager of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber turned himself in to authorities Wednesday after he was arrested for refusing a cop's order to tweet that an out-of-control appearance in Long Island, New York by the singer was called off.

Scott “Scooter” Braun pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance following the Twitter incident in Nassau County, New York, according to E! Online. Bieber was scheduled to sing during a free performance at the Roosevelt Field mall last November when his teen audience apparently grew too large and apparently got out of control. Beiber's hit song “Somebody to Love” is based on music by the Los Angeles-based production team Stereotypes.

Beiber on Wednesday tweeted his support for his manager, stating, “You've got my total support. Wish you were here in Chicago with us.” The 16-year-old YouTube crooner and his entourage were spotted wearing “Free Scooter” t-shirts.

“Justin Bieber” was a top-five trending topic on the social broadcasting service Wednesday.

Authorities claim that Braun took 90 minutes to tweet that the Long Island show was off. In the meantime a message urging fans to show up at the mall remained on the Twitter account, police said. Braun reportedly states that he was not able to access a computer when the tweet request from cops was made.

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