This week's main art feature in LA Weekly's print edition comes from our resident street art expert Shelley Leopold, who looks into London dealer (and former Banksy gallerist) Steve Lazarides' new Venice venture Post No Bills, which launches with a show from the Brooklyn street artist collective Faile. Also be sure to go to an LA Weekly news box and check out the awesome covers Faile created for us.

Shelley writes:

The blueprint for Post No Bills is somewhat similar to Lazarides' Outsiders gallery, an experimental birthplace for young talent in the Soho show circuit. But PNB takes a different approach by providing older, already established artists with a residency, affording them time to show off their print skills by making small-edition yet well-priced works with master local printmaker Ramon De Larosa.

The result is a modern version of the old-school print workshop, complete with hand-built silk screens, drying racks, squeegees and vats of high-quality inks. The computer on-site will be responsible only for credit card sales. Of course, the idea of artists, especially street artists, making prints is nothing new. But rare yet accessible, hand-finished designs from artists who sell originals for tens of thousands of dollars is noteworthy.

PNB is rumored to have Faile prints for $20, an unthinkable price for a major street artist. Read the whole story here: “Faile Comes to Venice”

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