Either we had such an awesome time on New Year's Eve that we wanted to relive the moments over and over again, or we had such an awesome time on New Year's Eve that we wanted to try and remember what happened at all.

Either way, Facebook is reporting via Twitter (what, isn't an old-fashioned status update good enough for Team Zuckerberg anymore?) that users uploaded a record 750 million photos last weekend.

@facebook then shares…

… this magical link, which takes you to that vintage “Photos” page that was relegated to the second tier of left-column shortcuts during the last redesign. Shucks — we've been looking for that!

We're guessing about 300K of those photos were snapped at L.A.'s own Together As One rave on Friday night. Combined with the powers of Craigslist's Missed Connections: The TAO Edition, you might even be able to start remembering a few of the creeps you shared your binky with that night!

Tell us, world: Are you part of the reason Mark Zuckerberg is gleefully revising his Guinness Book of Facebook Records right now? Did you upload your photos from New Year's, and tag all your friends who are trying to get professional jobs like a true cyber asshole?

Let us know. In the meantime, find out what a New Year's Eve album looks like when you're a Suicide Girl.

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