Facebook: Flattering attention whores and creeping out normal chicks since 2004.

I received this direct message via Facebook today…sent to my personal Facebook account.

This is significant because my personal Facebook account is neutral. Not sexy, nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing that'd make a random schmoe from Germany see my photo and say, “Ach mein Gott.”

Wow!! You are very beautiful. You have à very perfect Body! You have the sexiest body what I have see! Perhaps you get me to your friend. I wish you a very nice Weekend.

It's so depressing when this happens. It's happening too often and it's starting to wear on my soul. 

Why must the nicest, most eloquent men I have see live so far?

But perhaps I get him not to be my friend. Not on the first Facebook message.

Image: Graeme Weatherston.

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