There's a new way to broadcast your Facebook feelings to the world:

Robbins Brothers, the L.A.-based jewelry store chain, is giving you a chance to put your “love” on its digital billboard on the westbound 91 freeway in Corona (right before the 15 freeway) during the holiday season.

In fact the jeweler says you can have 8 seconds of billboard time. Just enter your message via Facebook. We assume the notes will be moderated though, so it's all about the good times:

Freeway messages saying, “You suck,” “You f—ing a-hole,” and “You gave me warts!” will probably be edited into oblivion, unfortunately.

Instead, we have boring notes like …

I love YOU PETER CHOI!! To Neptune and back, forever and a day.


Congratulations to Brian & Crystal! Happily married 11-11-11.

Too bad you can't use your smartphone's Facebook app to let the driver ahead of you know you're following him home to kick his ass.

Love is in the air.


LA Weekly