Valley behemoth Facebook just bought 12-person startup and vanguard of the real-time web Friendfeed. Once again,Techcrunch's Jason Kincaid had the scoop at least 20 minutes before tech badass Kara Swisher at All Things D got the press release (we too had to find out the Techcrunch way).

What does this mean for the info economy (i.e. the way we report news)?

Well, Friendfeed's biggest evangelist, Robert Scoble, who confirmed to that he did not get the news before Arrington, had this answer to the question on everybody's mind:

Is the Friendfeed platform going to fold into Facebook?

“If I was Mark Zuckerberg that's exactly what I would do; fix the realtime search and roll it into the news-feed. Treat it more like Dodgeball. It's good for Facebook because it needed realtime search. And it's a direct shot at Google.”

And (in our humble opinion) at Twitter.

Perhaps we should be looking more at what this means for the actual economy, if Zuckerberg is making acquisitions, perhaps this is the most positive sign for a recovery the tech industry has seen as of yet?

On this we echo Scoble's sentiments, “Awesome.”

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