Tropical Storm Fabio is headed to Los Angeles, and he's bringing a hot, wet, stormy evening with him. Possibly.

Readers of the romance novels bearing the bare-chested likeness of Fabio Lanzoni will appreciate the steaminess.

The rest of us will think it sucks.

Here's the forecast:

Fabio will spin off moisture, including isolated thunderstorms that will bring a 20 to 30 percent chance of rain, starting tomorrow afternoon, National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Sukup told the Weekly.

By that time, unfortunately, Fabio will have shrunk down to a tropical depression. Sorry, ladies, but Sukup says what we'll see will mostly be “the leftovers.”

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

But you'll take all the Fabio you can get, right? (Even old, gray-haired Fabio?)

If it feels strange getting all hot and wet so early in the summer, it is. These kinds of tropical storms, depressions and leftovers don't usually come north from Mexico until August and September.

And the Pacific Ocean around here is usually cold enough to get them to run away while holding their crotches.

But Sukup says the unusual weather pattern we've seen, with super-hot high pressure to the east and super-mild onshore flow from the Pacific, is creating a vacuum that's, er, sucking all that moisture our way.

Fabio will make some waves, too, although they're not that big: The National Weather Service says you will see 2 to 4 foot surf along the L.A. coast with “dangerous” currents.

Most of the rain, if we get any at all, will likely happen in the desert and mountains, Sukup says. And this humid hot-mess will last into Thursday.


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