Among the many colorful packages of Koala Yummies, Yan Yan, and spectrumed flavors of Pocky, F Cup Cookies sit on the top shelf of the cookie aisle at the Marukai Market Place in Little Tokyo. Unlike the aforementioned Japanese confections however, F Cup Cookies, available in two flavors (soy milk, and pralines and chocolate), promote larger, fuller, firmer breasts to their consumers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, F Cup Cookies aren't the first boobifying food to turn up here. B2UP Body Make Gum and B2UP Candy, made by the same manufacturer, have been around for awhile. But F Cup Cookies are the first of these products to earn international attention. They're also the first to be sold in a pink box instead of a white bottle.

Each English tea biscuit-type cookie contains 50mg pueraria mirifica, a root found in North East Thailand and Myanmar, which, according to the website, contains a natural plant estrogen that “mimic[s] female hormones” in the body, producing effects similar to human estrogen (increased breast size) without the negative side-effects of it. Like breast cancer. Pueraria Mirifica is also said to have properties that improve circulation, relieve relieves symptoms of menopause or menstruation, reduce stress, improve hair and skin quality, and “increase vaginal secretion.” Except for that weird last part, sounds good, right?

But manufacturers suggest eating 1-2 cookies per day for best results. And with only four cookies in each $1.48 box (on sale), in the long run, surgery might be the cheaper route to bigger boobs. Although it's probably not as much fun as eating cookies.

Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement of plastic surgery. Also, F Cup Cookie may cause “loose bowels if taken in excess.”

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