It was a loaded, extreme-weather, sports-TV weekend, especially if you not only follow football, but tennis too. The Australian Open, at its two-week midpoint, served up a super Saturday of grueling, grinding, all-time-memorable five-setters, creating tons of drama — and requiring us Pacific Coasters with DVRs to have at least 10 hours of recording space available from Friday night into Saturday's dawn, thanks to the crazy time difference. (Not being psychotic, I sleep first, then watch.)

Then, of course, there were the two pigskin pro conference championships on Sunday, which kept dedicated NFL fans glued to the set for a good eight hours (if you watch pregame, postgame blather), and people with my particular sports predilections on an endurance course, since the games were bracketed by more Aussie Open coverage. The schedule: Watch those taped Saturday tennis matches on Sunday morning and Monday's Aussie matches on Sunday night after the New York Giants win over the Green Bay Packers. Confusing? Worrisome, actually, at the time. Because, like the myth about what dramatic temperature shifts do to your teeth, at the point I switched from the Wisconsin ice bowl of frosty faces, visible breath and Michelin Man-layered spectators at full-tilt shiver to the Down Under summer of shorts, skin, sun and sweat, I fully expected my eyeballs to crack.

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