For all those light-rail fanatics (especially those who live near Culver City, like this blogger) it is time to stop holding your breath and take in a big whiff of exhaust fumes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Metro's light-rail Expo Line from Downtown to Culver City has been delayed, again. This is the fifth time the line has been postponed. The subway line was initially promised to open “sometime” in 2010.

Metro then said it would be April 2011, then July 2011, and then Jan 2012.

So when will rail-riders be able to commute from Culver City to USC and Downtown?

Not any time soon.

During test rides, officials found technical issues where the Expo Line meets the Blue Line in Downtown. Even after the problems are fixed, which according to the Times, could take a few days, the Expo Line still has to go through months of pre-revenue operations.

Metro officials have declined to release a specific start date, but if you still want to hold your breath, the line could be opened as soon as April 2012.

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