Executive Producer Philip Levens Shares Essential Elements of a Successful Television Show

Philip Levens says that in today’s era of streaming giants and endless content, capturing viewers’ attention is more crucial than ever for a television show to succeed. While trends and formulas may come and go, several foundational elements remain essential for crafting a show that resonates with audiences. Let’s delve into these key ingredients:

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Compelling Characters:

At the heart of any captivating show lies a cast of characters we can root for, empathize with, or be utterly fascinated by. They should be well-developed individuals with flaws, desires, and motivations that drive the narrative forward. Think of Walter White’s complex transformation in “Breaking Bad” or the lovable, quirky ensemble of “Friends.”

Engaging Storylines:

A strong narrative is the backbone of any television show. Whether it’s a serialized drama with overarching mysteries or episodic stories with self-contained arcs, the plot needs to be engaging and well-paced. It should keep viewers guessing, wanting more, and emotionally invested in the journey.

A Unique Voice:

Philip Levens suggests that every successful show has its own distinct identity, a voice that sets it apart from the crowd. This can be reflected in the show’s tone, humor, visual style, or thematic exploration. “The Handmaid’s Tale” utilizes dystopian elements to explore themes of oppression, while “The Office” uses mockumentary humor to satirize corporate culture.

High Production Value:

While not always the deciding factor, high production value contributes significantly to a show’s overall appeal. This encompasses aspects like cinematography, editing, sound design, and special effects. These elements create a visually compelling experience that complements the story and immerses viewers in the world of the show.

A Captivating Pilot Episode:

The pilot episode serves as the first impression, and it needs to be a strong one. It should introduce the central characters, establish the show’s world and tone, and hook viewers with a compelling narrative that leaves them wanting more.

The X-factor:

Beyond these core elements, an intangible “X-factor” often elevates a show from good to great. This could be an innovative concept, a unique blend of genres, exceptional acting, or a powerful emotional connection it forges with viewers.

Philip Levens notes that these elements are not rigid formulas but rather building blocks that successful shows utilize in creative ways. By focusing on strong characters, captivating stories, and a distinct voice, television shows can capture the hearts and minds of audiences, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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