In the two years since post-metal giants Isis broke up, multiple pretenders have made their play for the genre's throne. Los Angeles quintet Ancestors stand out from the pack due to their incorporation of Pink Floyd-influenced psychedelics and occasional flourishes of European-influenced melodic doom that harken back to mid-'90s Paradise Lost.

The group's well-oiled approach is more than evident on their third album, In Dreams and Time, released tomorrow. We exclusively have the opening track from the record, available as a stream below.

“Whispers” is a nine-minute wonder that begins slowly. By the middle of the song, it is bursting with bellowing choruses, haunting Moog work from Matt Barks and equally haunting organ and piano work from Jason Watkins. Beefy riffs from guitarist/vocalist Justin Maranga crescendo with a vicious outburst that would be at home coming out of the speakers at a High on Fire show.

Click below to listen to “Whispers.”

Ancestors is far from a one-hit wonder, though. “The Last Return” is a beautifully melancholic piano-driven shoegaze ballad. “On The Wind” is one of the best Pink Floyd songs never written by Pink Floyd. The album's nineteen-minute closing track “First Light” takes all of the musical indulgences heard throughout the album and ties them all together with a nice, shiny bow.

After building their sound with their 2008 debut album Neptune With Fire and the 2009 follow-up Of Sound Mind, the band disappointed with last summer's EP The Invisible White. On that effort, the band indulged entirely in soft, ambient songs that never seemed to go anywhere or pick up steam. We're happy to report that In Dreams and Time shows a band that is back with a vengeance and poised to re-stake their claim for the post-metal throne.

Ancestors will be performing songs from In Dreams and Time tonight, 8 p.m., at Vacation Vinyl in Silver Lake.

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