A while back we told you about Rainbow Arabia's June residency at the Echo. Like the some sort of super special agent (I've been Netflixing the shit out of the X-Files lately, have you?), we revealed that we couldn't reveal who their super secret guest would be. We of course gave you some red herrings (as they call them on Scooby Doo): Crazytown, LFO, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Alien Ant Farm. Alas, the super secret guest is not a 1990's “icon” instead, West Coast Sound can exclusively reveal that the June 21st super secret guest is… Ugh. I really hate Alien Ant Farm. I'd rather have crippling diarrhea than listen to that “Smooth Criminal” cover ever again. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, super secret guest. Oops. Sorry. Anyway the super secret guest is… Abe Vigoda!

Abe Vigodathon after the jump.

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