We here at West Coast Sound do our best not to “hotly tip” lightly, so it's with utmost seriousness that we advise you completely lose yourself in the music of Superhumanoids.

This Echo Park-based bedroom pop outfit has been kicking around in one form or another for a year and a half, but only in the past few months has Superhumanoids been a fully fledged band.

The four-piece includes Cameron Parkins and Sarah Chernoff, who double as Ronnie Ray Gunn and Mimi Malone in rising garage-punk crew the Franks, but here their songs are serene and lush:

A mix of twee boy-girl vocals, clean garage- and new wave-inspired guitar, synth-derived atmosphere and electronic effects.

Superhumanoids' debut EP, Urgency, is out July 13 on the homegrown indie label Hit City USA. It's available for pre-order (red vinyl) now.

Parkins tells WCS that “Simple Severin” (shared below) is “about escapism and indulgence, and how that's represented in youth culture — specifically Southern California. 'Severin' references the character from Venus In Furs, though more in passing than as thorough homage a la Velvet Underground.”

He also spoke on the origin of Superhumanoids, which includes drummer Evan Weinerman and bassist Max St. John.

“The project started out with me fucking around in my bedroom until, slowly but surely, we became a full band,” says Parkins. “The songs transformed a lot, from me just programming beats and weird synths by myself, to this fully operating four-person endeavor where everybody brings a unique aesthetic.”

Listen here:

Simple Severin by superhumanoids

DOWNLOAD: Superhumanoids – “Simple Severin” [MP3]

And as a bonus, here's a remix of the track by Belief, an L.A. transplant who originally cut his teeth working with the Def Jux crew out in New York.

Simple Severin (Belief Remix) by superhumanoids

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