[Originally published 1/1/2011]

Scion has confirmed exclusively to LA Weekly that they will be bringing their metaltastic Rock Fest this year to Southern California.

“Scion's major event of the year,” confirms their publicist, “is a huge metal festival with four stages and 30 bands. We did the first in Atlanta and the second in Columbus (which was reviewed in the NY Times). It's always a mix of legendary bands, important bands and up-and-coming bands, representing all the areas of underground metal. And like all the stuff we do it's all ages and free.”

“What no one knows yet,” he continues “is the next one will be on March 5, 2011 in Pomona. We're taking over the Fox Theater and the Glass House and building two more stages nearby.”

Headlining the Scion Rock Fest in the LA area will be death metal royalty Morbid Angel with their first US show in six years (and as of now, the only scheduled US date in 2011)

Anti-religion, HP Lovecraft-referencing Morbid Angel has been around since 1983 and is one of the most influential death metal bands of all time (they even enjoyed a little commercial success back in the '90s thanks to great metalhead coolhunters Beavis and Butt-head!)

Founding member guitarist Trey Azagthoth, regarded by many as the greatest death metal guitarist of all time, will be at the helm along with bassist David Vincent (member 1986-1996 & 2004 – present) and Destructhor (member since 2008).

Recently the much respected session monster Tim Yeung has stepped in to play on the new album while Pete Sandoval (member since 1988) recovers from back surgery, though there are no reports that he'll be replacing Sandoval for live dates.

The new album, due in Spring, will be their first studio endeavor since 2003, include the song 'Nevermore' and will probably start with the letter I-start guessing!

The Scion Rock Fest will include 26 bands on four stages (including The Fox Theater, The Glass House and two outdoor stages).

The rest of the brutal line up is going to be announced Thursday at Facebook.com/scionavmetal. The RSVP page will open on Friday. That's right, RSVP. Go ahead and get your fuck yeah on.

Scion has been taking a bad ass approach to marketing for years now, focusing not only on music but on genres otherwise overlooked by their peers (in addition to metal they've put on shows with up and coming house and techno performers).

We don't know if it sells cars but it's pretty awesome.

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