Is there such a thing as too much good music? Short answer: no.

Anyone holding onto the notion that the L.A. beat scene is a lil' hometown secret probably also thinks sailboarding with baby is a good idea.

So before you go and cry foul that a greenhorn indie label, Proximal Records, has announced its arrival with a compilation celebrating the local scene, listen to the actual product, and be thankful that it's local folk who are tending this latest flame.

On August 10, Proximal will release Proximity One: Narrative of a City, an 18-track collection of music from Low End Theory-familiar beat musicians like Dâm-Funk, Daedelus, Baths (as [Post-Foetus]), Shlohmo, Tokimonsta, Dr. Strangeloop and Teebs, alongside tracks from Proximal's own promising stable: BearClaw, Benedek and Wake among others.

Also included in that lineup is Sahy Uhns, a.k.a. Carl Madison Burgin, who co-founded Proximal with Grammy-winning composer/producer Jeff Elmassian. (Bonus trivia: Elmassian made his orchestral debut with the L.A. Phil at the age of 12.)

But why don't we get to the tunes already?

Sahy Uhns has put together a propulsive megamix featuring bits of music from across his label's new release. Rather than play like a cassingle B-side snippet set, this is a fluid track — more of a remix — that's a worthy spin whether or not you've heard the entire album.

DOWNLOAD: Sahy Uhns – “Proximity One Mega(re)mix Master” [MP3]

Also, mark your calendars: The release party for Proximity One goes down August 5 at The Echo, featuring Daedelus, Tokimonsta, Lawrence Grey, Benedek and Say Uhns himself. The Proximal crew will also be hosting Low End Theory August 11.

Proximity One: A Narrative of a City:

01. Benedek – “Laser Forest”

02. Dam-Funk – “A Day At The Carnival”

03. Sahy Uhns – “Fire Music”

04. TOKIMONSTA – “Cigarette Lust”

05. Owen Vallis – “Trunk”

06. Juj – “Creep”

07. Lawrence Grey – “Peaches for the Baby”

08. Wake – “ButtaBump”

09. Shlohmo – “Glue Stick”

10. Suzuki 8-Ball – “Nine-Wing”

11. Teebs – “Wind Loop”

12. Take – “Conversations With Yesterday”

13. Deadwaiter & Eli Walks – “VI”

14. BearClaw – “Robotrimpin”

15. Denny Denny Breakfast – “Sea Water”

16. Daedelus – “Off Angles Edges”

17. Dr. Strangeloop – “Strange Utopia”

18. [Post-Foetus] – “Chasms”

Record release flyer:

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