You may think you haven't heard Big Search, but chances are, you're already quite familiar with the artist's work.

He sings in Foreign Born. He slings ax for Fool's Gold. He's one of Cass McCombs' trusted sidemen, a business adviser to Frank Fairfield, and the utilities guy for Glasser.

He probably does a few more things we're forgetting.

Were it not for the spoiler of a headline, this'd be the part where we ask you, dear reader, to guess the government name of the man in question. Here's a hint: It rhymes with “Matt Popieluch.”

Well, Popieluch is playing tonight at Spaceland as Big Search, and he plans to break out some material from his forthcoming St. Ives vinyl/digital release, Lay of the Land, due out this summer.

We hear the cover of the album will feature “an ass sculpted entirely out of sand on a beach in Mailbu.” Apparently this is said sand-ass. Also, Popieluch is hand-assembling and lettering the 250 vinyl versions of the record, which compiles the home recordings he's amassed over the past few years.

Popieluch says a studio album is in the works, but we're quite happy with “Flyer's Fall,” track seven from Lay of the Land, for the time being.

DOWNLOAD: Big Search – “Flyer's Fall” [MP3]

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