Highland Park's Random Patterns revealed the first single off their new album Rich Soil Pleasures. It picks up where last summer's Creatures Of Teeth left off, pushing psychedelic post-pop through tropical sounds, rock of all ages, galactic noise, and big band hysterics.

The aptly-titled “Psychic Luau” is a cosmic calypso rock jam with a little country guitar. The great Learning Music Monthly mastermind John Wood contributes a trickling lullaby revision that meets MGMT out in the electro forest for a face-painting session. Get both below through Send Space, EXCLUSIVELY FOR LA WEEKLY'S WEST COAST SOUND.

[Catch Random Patterns tonight at Echo Curio with Fictionist, Family Portrait, and The Rhone Occupation. Learning Music plays Bootleg Theater this Saturday with Field Music.]

Get “Psychic Luau,” plus remix here.

“Psychic Luau”'s first 50 seconds instruct you to “shake shake shake,” then Dan Melancon's madhatter drumming begins a frantic rat race against Jay Watford's sampler calisthenics and the two Mikes' (Ilves & Allison) keyboards. Singer Chris Frias swaggers in on cowboy guitar. His existential lyrics describe the “pink and fiery candle nestled in a brain” that burns a hole in one's head as we come to terms with other people's otherness. “Psychic Luau” delivers a feel-good psychedelic romp and a fresh, fearless, approach to genre edification.

Learning Music's spacey remix and Teira Johnson's “Psychic Luau” cover art illustration are part of Random Patterns' collaborative multi-media addition to Rich Soil Pleasures. Each song has been assigned a different artist, director, and musician to create original artwork, videos, and remixes inspired by the music, which they'll unleash on expectant ears in the months to come.

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