L.A. life teems with tough choices. Do you stay on the freeway or take surface streets? Do you go to grad school or just try to marry rich? Pinkberry or Yogurtland? Kogi or Nom Nom truck? And not to mention, what do you wear to Hearts of Palm UK at Spaceland tonight? O-M-to-the-effing-G, WTF, f'reals. What do you do?

Luckily Erica Elektra, lead songwriter from the smart, streamlined synthpop trio, has made life a little bit easier with these five fashion suggestions delivered exclusively to West Coast Sound.

Advice by Elektra

1. Everybody knows that feathers are the cool thing nowadays. And who doesn't like birds? Why not get yourself over to Michael's craft store, get some feathers and a glue-gun and be creative? I'd love to see some feather headdresses in the audience.

(Four more fashion tips after the jump and videos, MP3s and freshly googled pix from Ms. Electra)

Once again, just say feathers:

2. Matching sweatsuits are always a crowd pleaser – but make sure the sweatpants have elastic at the ankles, or else they aren't truly “sweats.”

3. Hearts of Palm UK are all about pushing boundaries and being avant-garde. Go ahead and be crazy–you can even mix your silver and gold jewelry! Wear your shirt backwards, put on two different shoes, who cares! It's avant-garde and we laud things done in the name of conceptual art.

4. I very much enjoy jumpsuits and jumpers. Our show would be the perfect place to debut a fashion-forward jumpsuit. Do it.

5. For the men out there, please don't wear your skinny black jeans or your carefully styled hair with combed-forward bangs. It's not attractive.

Download Hearts of Palm UK:

See the ladies at work:

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