The accordion gets a bad wrap. But this Friday, Echo Park's Very Be Careful makes the accordion good. The squeeze-box wielding quasi-punks celebrate their new album, Escape Room, at the Monte Cristo Friday, and will likely instigate small tornadoes of libidinous activity that will spread from the dancefloor to the bar into the parking lot and finally (hopefully) the backseat.

All too often, the accordion has been relegated to outlier status in much of popular music, be it Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, or Icelandic dreamtronica troupe, múm. In Very Be Careful's homage to Colombia's vallenato music, the accordion is as central as an electric guitar when Ricardo Guzman pumps out both the melody and the rhythm. Intermixing with a galloping cowbell and his brother Arturo's bouncing bass lines, Guzman captures a pulsing, hypnotic sound.

And in now in 3-D!

VBC will also screen 3-D movies all night that can be viewed with a pair of spex included with their new album. If you buy the album, you get in for free, otherwise it's $10. Mochilla's DJ Coleman will be spinning all night too.

**Update! It has come to our attention that VBC's Echo Park contingent no longer live in the vicinity of L.A.'s finest $2 margarita that tastes like gasoline. According to Arturo, they've moved on: “We started closer to downtown L.A. but did develop for a little while in Echo Park circa 1998. We are by no means an Echo Park band now. We are spread out between downtown L.A, South Central, West Adams, and Koreatown.” Even though they've scattered across L.A., VBC undoubtedly keeps the spirit, sounds, (and smells) of Echo Park in their hearts.


La Furgoneta – Very Be Careful [MP3]

O.G. Accordion!

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