Everything You Need to Know About Aki Stein: Founder of Digital Artistry

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Meet Aki Stein, a creative powerhouse who at 25 has taken the business world by storm by combining his passion for storytelling with digital marketing expertise. In a career that began in the film industry crafting captivating commercials for non-profit organizations working to aid children with cancer and chronic illnesses, he polished his skill for creating narrative with emotional connection. Recognition of his philanthropic content soon propelled advertising campaign partnerships with notable corporations.

Stein quickly realized there was more to content creation than telling a good story and became intrigued by the psychology at work in the process, wanting to understand what makes people take action. This interest compelled him to learn everything about the business of marketing from digital strategy and campaign execution, social media tactics, and media buying. With his accumulated insights and industry knowledge, Stein founded his own marketing agency, Digital Artistry (DA), which today manages the marketing efforts of dozens of brands, from small e-commerce startups to multinational companies.

Like so many small businesses, the new agency experienced some hardship during the pandemic downturn, but Stein pivoted. He expanded service offerings and quickly caught the attention of emerging brands with new products launched in response to the pandemic. Not only did the company begin gaining recognition for its impactful marketing campaigns, his success led him to acquire major investors.

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Today, Digital Artistry is a global team of creative visionaries, artisans, and problem solvers united by a shared commitment to excellence. Stein doesn’t just hire creative talent. He values the individuality and insight that drives an innovative approach to marketing. Working with this thoughtful leadership, the team is able generate significant ROI for their clients and establish long-term relationships. From a strong focus on strategy, Digital Artistry helps to define a client’s digital marketing goals to design a multi-channel content plan that delivers. By implementing sustainable growth strategies for their varied clients, the company is now one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the New Jersey area.

Aki Stein is one to watch—a capable entrepreneur who is innovating in the demanding and constantly changing marketing industry. His passion for storytelling, industry insight, and personal dedication to his clients each contribute to his growing success. With a lifelong dedication to learning, he is on a mission to positively impact the world by providing expert marketing services to businesses of all sizes. From strategic marketing plans and brand development, to website refreshes and social media management, he is truly pioneering with Digital Artistry.

To learn more, follow Aki on Instagram @WolfofMarketingSt.

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