Driving around L.A. and walking around our neighborhoods, we see all kinds of stuff that stirs our emotions: That billboard that almost made you crash. That perfectly-designed facade. That heinous-looking parking lot. That message someone scrawled on a stop sign. That palm tree that looks a little sad.

LA Weekly would like you to scour the streets and take an art critic's approach to what you see every day. When you find something worthy of comment, take a photo, upload it to the LA Weekly Flickr Pool, tag it “lacityscape,” and put a paragraph or more of your critique into the description. Write as long as you'd like. Tell us the story of how you found it. Why do you hate it, why do you love it. What it makes you think, how it makes you think feel. Make it funny if you can. Or write is as a sonnet for all we care.

And don't do photos of the Hollywood Bowl or stuff we've seen before. Make it creative. Something weird we've never seen before.

Check back here for posts of your photos and art criticism.

LA Weekly