Magic Gas, the filling station that has seemingly occupied the vertex of Echo Park Avenue and Morton Street since time immemorial, gets a nice historical profile and news update at the Eastsider L.A. It seems that the new owners are restoring the old name, Magic Gas, after debranding the recent “Magic Fuel.” The place has weathered gangs and yuppies alike and is an indispensable oasis for gas, coffee and ice.

My wife Sandra tells me, though, that it hasn't sold actual gas in months. When she'd stopped in to buy cigs the owner pointed to a bill from a fuel distributor and told her the pumps would remain shut until the price went down. Apparently, according to the Eastsider, it has. That's great news for people who have driven home from work on fumes and need to roll downhill for a fillup in the morning.

Eastsider provides links to poems, music videos and even music acts

that refer to this  station, along with anecdotal evidence that the

name Magic Gas has its origins in a previous owner's feelings for magic

carpets. It also brings news of renovations that will see the station's

old repair bay replaced with a small market that will include — gasp — organic  vegetables!

LA Weekly