FRIDAY, November 21

If you are one of the few lucky enough to score a ticket to Aretha Franklin tonight — can I be your friend? At least we still have the lovely and talented Jon Brion. Largo owner Mark Flanagan promises, “The vibe has remained intact” for Brion’s stupendously popular Friday-night gathering since moving from the rather cramped Fairfax eatery to the larger, non-eatery theater at the Coronet. The new Largo has yet to get a liquor license, but Flanagan points out there are loads of bars in the area, including one of the titty variety. “J.B.’s crowd are the same but more; he never had a big booze lot! Very diverse smart Obama types! Jon luvs his spot.” And we love Jon. You never know what to expect, except some krazee kovers often played with more passion and imagination than the originals. Like what? Oh, let’s see: How about a medley of “Love of My Life So Far”/“Rhiannon”/”Secret Agent Man”/“The Letter”? Yep. Largo at the Coronet, 366 N. La Cienega Blvd.; Fri., 9:30 p.m. (310) 855-0350.

SATURDAY, November 22

Ah, wintertime in Southern California. Sitting in your car for an hour and a half to travel 11 miles. Inching in a train of cars up the parking structure. The sweater you brought that you’ve yet to wear because it never drops below 80,000 degrees. Ice skating just a few blocks from the big blue Pacific Ocean. Yep, it’s time again for Ice at Santa Monica. 1324 Fifth St., Santa Monica; $10. (310) 393-8355.

SUNDAY, November 23

Does the idea of seeing Pink, the Jonas Brothers, the Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Taylor Swift and New Kids on the Block all on the same stage seem appealing? Are you willing to scream with excitement when prompted by dudes with headsets? Are you over the age of 16? Because if so, aren’t you a little too old for the American Music Awards? Unless you happen to be Jimmy Kimmel, who is hosting the thing, and, come to think of it, is a bit long in the tooth for the gig. Where did the expression “long in the tooth” come from anyway? Nokia Theatre, 777 Chick Hearn Court, dwntwn; Sun., Nov. 23, 5 p.m.; $67-$260. (213) 480-3232.

MONDAY, November 24

The Decemberists are a band fond of historical events and anachronistic garments. Google “Decemberists” and more than 100,000 hits with “grandiloquence” come up. Their fans have been known to use such words as “Vavilov,” “Solanum” and “asteraceae” when ordering hot cider at coffee shops. It’s like Colin Meloy and cronies Chris Funk, Jenny Conlee, Nate Query and John Moen were born to be from the wrong era. You can picture them sitting around huffing ether after their shows. But they can rock like a motherfucker — oh wait, make that Anglo-Saxon materfamilias fornicator. The Wiltern, Wilshire Blvd. & Western Ave., L.A.; Mon., Nov. 24, 9 p.m.; $21.50. (213) 480-3232.

TUESDAY, November 25

Tony Curtis once said, “I wouldn’t be caught dead marrying a woman old enough to be my wife.” He also slept with Marilyn Monroe, cheated on wife Janet Leigh and is half of the reason we have Jamie Lee Curtis. His new autobiography is called American Prince. Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd., W. Hlywd.; Tues., Nov. 25, 7 p.m.; free, book is $25.95. (310) 659-3110.

WEDNESDAY, November 26

Jim Morrison loved Thanksgiving. His oyster stuffing was a band favorite, but he was most proud of his table decorations, which included making six dozen turkeys by tracing his fingers onto construction paper. The project would take him days to complete. In honor of the Lizard King, go see Wild Child. The Whisky, 8901 Sunset Blvd., W. Hlywd.; Wed., Nov. 26, 8 p.m.; $25. (310) 652-4202.

THURSDAY, November 27

As I type this, it’s 77 degrees outside, but here goes anyway: Happy Thanksgiving. Ice-skating returns to L.A. with L.A. Kings Downtown on Ice, now billed as “the Rockefeller Center of the West.” Yeah, right. Pershing Square, 532 S. Olive St., dwntwn.; Mon.-Thurs., noon-10 p.m.; Fri.-Sun., 10 a.m.-10 p.m.; thru Jan. 19; $6, $2 skate rental. (888) LA-PARKS.

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