Ever Prosper: Support for New & Growing Companies

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David Johnson believes that the first step of winning is simply not quitting – and that this is a lesson that every aspiring entrepreneur should learn.

That’s how he became the CEO and founder of the successful Texas-based marketing agency Ever Prosper, and that’s how he continues to scale the business while keeping his company’s focus on customer satisfaction and offering unique and innovative solutions in the online marketing industry.

Recently, Johnson moved his company to the suburbs of Dallas; and as his firm continues to expand, he shares insight on how he got to this level, and what’s truly important to him and to his team.

“I used to have jobs,” he explains. “Dependable paychecks, sure. But not something that excited me. Not something that motivated me to keep up every morning. This was a clue to me that I should be doing something differently.”

Johnson’s journey towards entrepreneurship began in 2015 when he decided to explore online marketing. Despite coming from a service industry background and living paycheck to paycheck, he continued to grind and put in countless hours to learn everything he could. As he tested more and more strategies, Johnson became more targeted in his approach to driving new clients. Within six months, it became apparent that he had a unique gift for attracting new clients and he was able to launch his dream of being 100% supported by his marketing success.

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By the end of 2016, Johnson had made a name for himself and started attracting the attention of larger organizations. He also started a few partnerships which helped him hone his skills even more. In 2021, Johnson and his team relocated to Texas and launched Ever Prosper, centralizing their entire program and accelerating their growth exponentially. Throughout his journey, David has been dedicated to refining his craft and using his expertise to help others achieve their business goals.

David Johnson’s persistence and hard work paid off as it only took six months for his family and him to be 100% supported by Ever Prosper. Although it was six months of relentless work, David’s dreams of being a self-sufficient entrepreneur and leaving the service industry became a reality. He was able to form partnerships with large organizations that helped push Ever Prosper higher in the industry.

Today, David leads a team of marketing experts in Dallas, where they provide customized, systematic digital marketing strategies to help businesses accelerate their growth. Their clients come from all industries, including real estate, aerospace, healthcare, entertainment, education, and health and wellness.

David attributes Ever Prosper’s success to his refusal to give up on his dream and his team’s commitment to thinking outside of the box. They firmly believe that any digital marketing goal can be achieved, no matter how big it may seem. This mindset allows them to accomplish anything for their clients and achieve outstanding results.

“Honestly, I think if you are meant to own a company, you just know,” Johnson says. “You’ll have a vision in your mind that you can’t shake. That said, it does take preparation. Getting into the business world without research and a good plan leads to disaster. Once you have everything in place, though, just follow your dream. Where it will take you, you don’t know, but you’ll never regret doing it.”

This is why he is so passionate about providing support to startups, small business owners, and emerging entrepreneurs. Ever Prosper is a minority-owned business, which is something the team takes pride in. The firm specializes in driving new clients, increasing demand, and assisting in traffic aligned with companies’ specific goals.

Ever Prosper goes beyond marketing to offering guidance in broad strategy and consulting support, particularly for new and growing companies. The company’s systematic approach begins with a consultation to fully understand the client’s goals and ensure they are aligned with the desired results. Ever Prosper then analyzes the best strategies that match these goals and remains open to feedback and suggestions throughout the process.

Their clientele spans from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, including those in the real estate, satellite television/internet, government benefit programs, health and wellness, and retail industries.

Ever Prosper is dedicated to putting its clients’ brands at the forefront of its marketing strategies to achieve progress and profit. With their expertise, commitment, and willingness to adapt, they are ready to assist businesses in creating a marketing plan that is tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

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