Heroes of Color is a creative media company operating a diversity-forward platform across independent publishing, animation, education and entrepreneurial development. For its founder David Heredia, whose award-winning work and recent projects touch on issues central to the conversations happening at every level of society today, it’s all been about asserting representation and giving independent creatives, especially creatives of color, the tools and perspectives to make their dreams a reality.

Tuesday evening’s webinar, “Using Our Creative Space to Talk About Race,” invites a timely discussion on how to foster allyship and promote activism through art in our homes, schools, workplaces and wider communities. “Trying to make a living as an artist can be extremely challenging,” writes Heredia. However he notes that at such critical times in history as this one, that “art can help us both escape and reveal the harsh realities of our society,” and as such is more critical to support than ever.

The 90-minute conversation examines the role of the artist in a society, and the personal motivations and goals that drive that vision, and also addresses specific strategies for expressing activism through art as well as the potential risks and rewards that come along with doing so. All are welcome.

Tuesday, June 23, 6-7:30 p.m. Pacific, $20; heroesofcolor.com/zoom.

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