I love those nights that don't feel planned or forced in any way, but just become brilliantly memorable, seemingly of their own accord. That's kinda what happened at Bar 107 downtown on Wednesday. It was a party of some sort – can't remember whose – the guys from Killradio's GTFU were supposed to be DJ'ing but I think they didn't bother in the end. “I'm a terrible DJ,” admitted GTFU's Aaron Farley. “I'll do things like play an entire Iron Maiden album.”

But the sounds were great thanks to the very weird God's Gang which played on the bar's teeny weeny little stage. Picture one guy wearing Orbital style torch goggles yelling weird shit into distortion mikes. Then another dude playing a drum machine, yelling more weird shit. And a chick playing an electric guitar with a drumstick. It really shouldn't work, but it did. Everyone was rocking out.

Then the entire cast of Lucha Va Voom turned up in full regalia (they had just done their Mexican-wrestling burlesque show at the Mayan theatre nearby). One of the ladies was wearing a bikini made entirely of sweetheart candy. She invited me to lick her bra, which I did. Yum.

Then there was this weird guy giving people haircuts outside the bar. A mobile sidewalk salon, if you will. He even had a professional cape for his clients. I saw him cut one guy's hair – both of them standing up – and I must admit, he did a damn good job.

Amidst all this was an artist sitting on the kerb, quietly doing pencil sketches of the bar patrons who had come outside to smoke. He did a rather special one of my friend Alexis. It looks nothing like her, but I gave him $20 for it anyway, in the name of eclecticness.

It was only the first time I have been to Bar 107 but if every night is as fun as that night, then I will definitely be going back.

That was a really cheesy ending. Sorry.

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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