Used to be, the path of a restaurant's opening was marked by permits and inspections, liquor licenses and telephone calls, delivery trucks pulling up to the kitchen entrance, and general sleep deprivation by everyone involved. Now those same things apply, of course, but you get to see the whole thing unfold on Twitter, in 140 character (or less) increments. Take a look at some of the recent tweets by Mark Gold, whose restaurant Eva is set to go into the space on Beverly that was, until very recently, Hatfield's. (Hatfield's, in a game of musical restaurants, is moving into the old Red Pearl Kitchen spot. Which was Meson G before that, and Citrus before that.)

@evarestaurant: the phones are on at eva!!!! reservation anyone?2:34 PM Aug 20th from TwitterFon.

@evarestaurant: spring cleaning at eva…. 3:38 PM Aug 15 from web.

@evarestaurant: crazy day interviewing! lots of characters and lots of good people. we have assembled a great team. i feel very confident about our staff 8:45 PM Aug 13 from web.

@evarestaurant: got the keys! next step is menu development. In the area, feel free to stop by. eva restaurant is on her way! 7:20 PM Aug 10th from web.

@evarestaurant: @WeiserFarms filling out credit apps eating watermelon 5:03 PM Aug 3rd from TwitterFon

In an amusing (if slightly ADD) twist, if you go to the Hatfield's website–which is currently under as much contruction as their new restaurant–you can follow Quinn and Karen Hatfield's transition on Twitter too.

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