Essentique Founder Mandana Navi on Passion to Discover the Essence of Our Own Natural Beauty

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Natural beauty is what comes from within ourselves. It is our body’s natural response to the care it has been given and the effort we put in to make our body look and feel good. Mandana Navi, the founder of Essentique personal care boutique, provides a platform for people to come closer to their natural selves, experiencing world-class skin and hair care like never before, and attaining natural beauty that is unique to every individual.

Mandana grew up learning the tips and tricks of accentuating her beauty with natural resources, like discovering apple leaves and chamomile to lighten hair color. Her background as a biologist combined with her passion for natural beauty care put her on a path to formulate boutique quality natural beauty products grounded in current scientific research.

To help people discover their essence and their own natural beauty, Mandana has set up her beautiful boutique in Palo Alto, CA. Her boutique is designed in such a way that just visiting is an experience in itself. One customer says: “It’s hard to describe the special magic of this little jewel? Boutique? Oasis? But the source of the vibe here is the owner.” What makes Essentique unique is that she handcrafts all the products in her artisanal lab located on the premises and customizes her products according to her clients’ needs. All bodies are different, and every skin requires different levels of care. For Mandana, understanding the body and skin needs and addressing them accordingly is the true essence of her brand.

At Essentique, health and beauty lovers can find solutions to all their hair and skin needs. You find solutions for various conditions, such as lack of elasticity, acne, dark spots, dullness, and thinning hair. At the same time, you can find a boost of botanicals to give their hair and skin an extra glow. Essentique’s natural product line is great for women and men and has proven to deliver consistent results with exceptional sensory and olfactory experiences. This elaborate collection of skin care and hair care products offers a variety of solutions for many different skin and hair types and conditions.

Mandana’s self-care philosophy and her products are becoming increasingly popular among the crowds around Palo Alto. According to one of her clients: “This is no ordinary boutique but rather a carefully curated collection of products that actually enhance the quality of life.” To learn more about what she does and how she does it, visit the Essentique website by clicking here.

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