Essential Forever Digs the Lemon Twigs: Al Heaney, aka solo project Essential Forever, told us about his Lemon Twigs experience.

Al Heaney: I was lucky to tour part of the US playing in a band called Jungle Green in 2018, opening for the Lemon Twigs during their ‘Go To School’ era.

For about a month, I watched the Lemon Twigs play almost every night, and I’m condensing all those shows into one here. But every night was a must-watch show. Michael and Brian D’Addario had an insanely good band behind them with Daryl Johns, Andres Valbuena, and Tommaso Taddonio, playing an incredible album with ‘Go To School.’

It was really exciting, I was 22 years old and already loved the Lemon Twigs, then the album came out and I was listening to it a ton, and the plot really went wild when all of a sudden our lead singer Andrew was asked if we wanted to tour with them.

On top of that, their live show was (and is) totally electric, so I was just living in this prolonged mind boggle. Their set was firing on all cylinders, they had the songs to back up the amazing energy and skill they brought on stage.

Those shows really opened my eyes to how incredible live music can be, and inspired me to double-down on my own love of songwriting and performing.

Go see The Lemon Twigs play!

Essential Forever Digs the Lemon Twigs: Essential Forever’s new single “Getting Easier,” from the forthcoming self-titled second album, is out now.














































































































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