Erica Banks is Rockin’ Designer: Rising Dallas rapper Erica Banks has returned with a new single called “Designer,” through 1501 Certified Entertainment/Warner Records. The song is a statement of intent — a veritable shopping list of the designer items Banks wants in her life. She’s not in the least bit afraid to go after it.

“Chanel, Fendi, in the club” she raps. “If he ain’t ’bout a bag, why the fuck he in the cut.” So be warned fellas — there’s no point approaching Banks for a date if you’re not prepared to be “rockin’ designer.”

According to the press release, “Her tone is authoritative and tough, a perfect match for the thunderous instrumental. In the video for the track, Banks rocks a variety of designer drip as she kicks it in a swanky mansion, an appropriate luxe setting for a song that’s all about flossing.”

The video is appropriately swanky, with Banks in a mansion, butler and all, surrounded by the nice things that she lists. All’s well that ends well.

Erica Banks is Rockin’ Designer: Erica Banks’ “Designer” is out now.

Press bio:

“’Buss It’ just proved to the world what Texas already knew: Erica Banks is a real rap spitter who knows an undeniable bop when she makes one. ‘I have a good ear for music,’ says the MC. ‘I know what’s best for me.’ She also knows what’s best for cars and clubs: a relentless flow made sticky by her Dallas drawl, glued to an explosive mix of big bass and eerie melody. You could say she’s been perfecting her style over three years of hotly tipped freestyles and mixtapes—Art of the Hustle, Pressure, and Cocky on Purpose represent 2019 alone—but Banks came out swinging from the start. And now that ‘Buss It’ is climbing the Billboard Hot 100, she has the clout to underwrite her savage disses and tales of lust and luxury.”

“That standout anthem from her booming self-titled 2020 mixtape took on a life of its own in 2021, soundtracking over 3 million dance challenge videos in less than a month, and earning tacit cosigns from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Monica, Rico Nasty, and Tracee Ellis Ross. Banks calls the whole thing ‘outrageous,’ but she’s been working toward this moment since she fell in love with poetry as a child. She graduated from freestyling for kids at recess to taking rap seriously after seeing local artists like Asian Da Brat, Yella Beezy, Cuban Doll, and Tay Money take off nationally. She released her debut single ‘Talk My Shit’ in 2018, and her momentum has been growing ever since. And now that Erica’s aligned with both 1501 Certified and Warner Records the turn-up is real. ‘I make turn-up music, so that’s what we’re going to do,’ says Banks. ‘We’re going to continue to push it. What’s better than that?'”

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