With inexorably slow vote-counting underway by Los Angeles city officials, Eric Garcetti has pulled in front of Wendy Greuel and a local college exit polls is predicting a Garcetti win.

Garcetti's lead is not huge, but the all-important “trend” of the count tonight has benefited Garcetti with each new update. He has 91,147 votes or 51.73 percent and Greuel has 85,038 votes or 48.26 percent.

Students at Loyola Marymount University conducted an exit poll of 800 voters that says the win will ultimately go to Eric Garcetti.

Greuel, who would be the first woman mayor of Los Angeles if elected, began the evening slightly ahead of Garcetti as thousands of absentee ballots were counted.

At a speech not long ago, Greuel predicted a delayed outcome, saying the race would not likely be called in favor of either candidate tonight.

Some experts are saying it may be days before the victor for Los Angeles mayor is certain. But not if the current trend continues.

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