Councilman Eric Garcetti launched a new TV ad today attacking mayoral rival Wendy Greuel over her support from the union that represents Department of Water and Power workers.

The 30-second ad, posted after the jump, calls Greuel “the DWP's mayor.”

Here it is:

Expect to see this one in heavy rotation. 

Update, 12:39 p.m.: Working Californians, the DWP union-backed independent committee, issued this response through strategist Sean Clegg:
“To quote Eric Garcetti, 'attacks like (this) are the kind of attacks you hear from a desperate campaign. They are signs of a campaign that is losing.' After assiduously courting their support, the sole rationale for Garcetti's campaign for mayor is now to trash the working men and women of Los Angeles, including the frontline utility workers who bust their butts every day so that Eric Garcetti can have air conditioning. One thing voters can smell is a hypocrite.” 
John Shallman, Greuel's strategist, said the ad “feels more like a 60's movie trailer for a B-horror film than a credible argument.”
Shallman noted that Garcetti voted for pay raises at the DWP in 2009. (Greuel and Garcetti also voted for DWP raises in 2005. Greuel was no longer on the council when the 2009 contract came up for a vote.) Shallman also referred to Garcetti's alleged role in delaying a hearing on a DWP audit in 2009.
“Eric doesn't like the way the race is unfolding, so he is attacking everyone and everything in a desperate attempt to hide his own failing campaign,” Shallman said.
Update 5 p.m.: We're hearing the Garcetti campaign has spent roughly $750,000 on this ad this week, which is double what they spent on TV last week, and that they've pulled their positive TV spot off the air.
Greuel also loaned her campaign $100,000 over the weekend as she tries to stay on TV. The Greuel campaign declined to comment on the loan.
Greuel has been on the air for more than two weeks with her own negative ad, which attacks Garcetti on the issue of digital billboards.
Working Californians has been running this ad touting Bill Clinton's support for Greuel:

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