Food television already has a Guy in Guy Fieri, but we'll soon have another Guy (pronounced “gee” as in “oui”) starting Sunday, Oct. 16th, when French chef Guy Martin and his show Epicerie Fine premiere on American TV.

Less of a cooking show and more of an exploration of ingredients, Epicerie Fine takes viewers to the source, giving an up-close look at how some of France's best farmers produce their food with a nod to history, best practices and quality.

law logo2x bEpisode one features Tricastin truffles, an ingredient almost all of us think of when we imagine fine French food. Upcoming themes include Southwestern black pig, Brittany oysters, Gariguette de Plougastel strawberries, Camargue wild rice and Brie de Meaux cheese. Each episode follows these foods quite literally from farm to table.

As long as you don't mind subtitles, this show is a welcome addition for any food enthusiast who's into the back-to-basics approach. And who isn't these days?

Epicerie Fine airs at 4:30 p.m. on Sundays on the TV5MONDE USA channel, which believe it or not, you probably have! It's channel 612 on Time Warner cable and channel 713 on Dish Network.

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