Wedding brawls are, unfortunately, not that unusual: Booze, bridesmaids and boys in tuxedos always seem get the violence started. But you haven't seen anything like this:

Cops in Glendale say as many as 100 people were involved in a grand ruckus last weekend that put at least one party-goer, identified in police records (PDF) as Karpis Termendzyan, in handcuffs for alleged battery on a peace officer and destruction of property.

That property happened to be …

… the rear window of a patrol car, according to the Glendale News-Press. Oops?

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It all started about 11:45 p.m. Saturday in the 500 block of East Broadway in Glendale, according to police records.

The News-Press says, more specifically, the violence broke out at the Dream Palace banquet hall when 22-year-old Spartak Karabedian, who's on probation for assault with a deadly weapon, allegedly started all the fun for reasons unknown.

Knives were reportedly wielded and one victim was hit with a chair.

Karabedian, by the way, was detained for allegedly being drunk in public, according to the paper. For the life of us, it's not clear why cops didn't keep him a little bit longer, seeing how he was on probation and all.

Anyway, back to our old friend Termendzyan, who's 36. According to the News-Press he allegedly …

… spit on one officer and attempted to elbow two others, and later kicked in a rear window of a patrol car …

All in the name of marital bliss for the happy couple, no doubt.

He was held in lieu of $20,000 bail but got out on Sunday, according to sheriff's inmate data.

Some folks involved in the fracas refused medical treatment, the News-Press said. And few, it seemed, were willing to point fingers or talk much about the historic Glendale wedding brawl of June 2012.

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