Entrepreneurship on Wheels: How One RV Company Founder Is Chasing the American Dream

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For generations, the American Dream has been defined by the pursuit of entrepreneurship and self-made success. This is especially true for Jason Haugen, founder of the RV company Haugen RV Group who, against all odds, achieved success through hard work, dedication, and an eye for innovation. This inspiring story of entrepreneurship reveals the journey of Jason and the company he built along the way as he chased the American Dream, all of which he achieved before turning 30 years old.

The Journey to Entrepreneurship

The drive to pursue the American Dream can come from many sources of inspiration. Jason saw the beauty of entrepreneurship first-hand from his father, who had been an entrepreneur for as long as Jason could remember. He wanted to be just like his dad and always knew that entrepreneurship was for him.

Growing up and seeing his father chase this dream became the fuel for Jason to pursue the same career path. After graduating high school, he looked into starting a business. He ended up working for a network marketing company, where he learned a great deal about people and business. The lessons Jason learned in that job have been easily applicable to his future entrepreneurial endeavors. He even discovered a love for public speaking, which launched him into another facet of his career portfolio as a podcaster and public speaker, sharing his knowledge and experience as a business owner.

Jason stands behind the notion that anybody can become an entrepreneur. As someone without a higher education degree who has never worked in a traditional corporate setting, he has seen first-hand that the journey is for anyone, regardless of background and experience. Jason knows that his story is not that much different from his fellow entrepreneurs, but his business sure is.

The Idea for Haugen RV Group

For many entrepreneurs, the idea for their business came out of nowhere. It can be something that falls into their lap, and they take on the challenge of making it work even if they have no experience in the field; such was the case for Jason when he began Haugen RV Group.

The business was born following a conversation with an RV dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah. The dealership was struggling, and Jason had the business insight the company needed. Admittedly, Jason knew nothing about the RV industry when he began Haugen RV Group at the age of 24, but that didn’t stop him. He had been craving something new in his work, so he decided to trust his gut and take a risk, one that proved highly successful for him in the long run.

After purchasing its first location in 2018, the company now operates eight dealerships across Utah, Oregon, and Missouri. Jason fosters a strong work ethic among his team by building a company culture that gives his employees purpose and direction. Keeping his employees in mind wasn’t the only goal for Jason; he also wanted to improve customer satisfaction with his RV company. Providing an incredible customer experience helped him grow his customer base to bring in new and repeat business, which is hugely beneficial to his company’s growth.

As someone who came into the business with very little knowledge of the industry, Jason has since become a pillar of the RV sector. He’s living proof that by taking a risk, you can turn nothing into something amazing; you just have to be open to learning along the way.

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The Truth About Life as an Entrepreneur

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of talk about chasing the American Dream and achieving success, but often, the truth of entrepreneurial life is left out of the conversation. It’s not only about glamour and glory; it takes plenty of hard work and dedication.

Jason often sees many people discussing the freedom of entrepreneurship, and while it does come with a more freeing experience compared to corporate jobs, it’s not without hard work. Among the success, the work comes with long hours, setbacks, and failures. In the end, though, the payoff is well worth it for Jason to make his entrepreneurial dream a reality.

One of the primary reasons people choose to abandon a traditional corporate career is for the freedom of it all, particularly a healthy work-life balance. In reality, achieving that balance can be difficult when the job is as all-consuming as entrepreneurship. To help him achieve a healthy work-life balance, Jason puts communication at the forefront. He works hard to set healthy boundaries with people. He engages in open discussions and sets expectations with his wife and family. With this practice in place, Jason works hard to achieve his goal of being completely and utterly present in everything he does.

Starting a business comes with its own failures and successes. Jason welcomes the lessons he has learned through failure, particularly that nothing will ever be perfect, but you must keep going in the midst of that; you can’t allow one failure to derail all of your hard work. After all, if Jason had let failure stop him from growing and excelling with Haugen RV Group, he never would have seen the success he has had. In only a few years, Jason grew the company from $12m in sales to over $100m in sales. For two years in a row, Haugen RV Group has been named one of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in Utah. That kind of success can’t happen overnight, and it comes with putting in a massive amount of dedication.

Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

While it’s true that there are no requirements to become an entrepreneur, everyone isn’t always cut out for the journey, but you’ll never know if it’s right until you give it a shot. Even if you discover that you’re not suited for it, you’ll learn a valuable lesson that you can take with you throughout your career. And, if you dive into pursuing the American Dream, you could find everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Through his journey, Jason has learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and has some excellent advice for those looking to follow a similar career path. He firmly believes in three important traits every entrepreneur needs to have: a great work ethic, a huge dream, and the ability to work with people to help them improve their lives.

Jason emphasizes the importance of not giving up because you’ll never know what you could’ve achieved if you quit. He highly recommends finding a dream that is so big that no obstacle can knock you down. You have to have a passion for something that cannot falter.

Surrounding yourself with the best people is essential so that you can have a true community working hard to make your dream a reality. Having a solid team helping you build your company is one of the most important assets. It’s not just about finding the right people; it’s about making sure you provide a solid work culture that fosters growth for everyone involved.

Outside of the business, connecting with someone in the entrepreneurial community will prove extremely beneficial. Work on finding a mentor that you can find support from. Jason highly recommends mentorship and wishes he had found a mentor soon, as it would’ve helped him avoid some costly mistakes he made early in his career.

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Open Up to Opportunities

While Jason has found exceptional success with his RV company, it’s not the singular focus of his career. Early in his career, Jason discovered a love for public speaking and has used that platform to help inspire other people looking to dive into entrepreneurship. Public speaking has been a fixture in Jason’s life before he even began Haugen RV Group, and he continues using his voice to inspire others, particularly on his podcast Culture Camp.

Oftentimes, it takes an experience that may seem insignificant to discover what you’re truly passionate about; you never know what you could discover about yourself when you’re open to a variety of opportunities. For Jason, his first job in network marketing uncovered his love for public speaking, and he’s still enjoying it years later.


Working towards the American Dream doesn’t have to be a fleeting wish that never comes to fruition. Jason is proof that anyone can strive to grow their career into a successful entrepreneurial journey. If you have a dream of a business or a life that you strongly desire, don’t wait. Go for it and go all in. Be open to learning opportunities and get the support you need to bring your dream into reality.

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