Enter Wuki’s World: Last year’s WUKI.WORLD album saw electronic bass artist Wuki shoot into another stratosphere and, in an endemic world, we only see that continuing. Blossom also performs.

We spoke to him a year ago and he said of his sound that, “I can’t decide if it’s helped me or hurt me during my career. I started out making night bass / breakbeat style tracks and then I kind of moved into trap. Now I pretty much make whatever I want as long as it’s fun and bouncy. My production style has become what I feel my sound is rather than a genre at this point.”

Wuki has lived in Los Angeles and is now based in Denver. All, he said, have had an impact. “Growing up on the East Coast made me love club music and more rap inspired dance music,” he says. “Now that I live in Denver, I see more people who definitely love the ‘heady’ music, so I think that has also influenced me a bit. I love to incorporate sounds from all over the world into my music, so each new destination I travel to becomes an inspirational moment for me.”

WukiWorld is going to be a showcase of all things Wuki,” he said of WUKI.WORLD. “Like I said, I’ve been all over the place genre wise, so I wanted to show my diversity as a producer with this album. It’s my first album and I’m excited to finally share it with the world.”

Enter Wuki’s World: The event takes place at 10 p.m. on Friday, March 18 at the Academy LA.

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