The LAPD has a lot on its plate, what with all the gangsters, burglars, traffic scofflaws and various other idiots in a city the size of some entire countries.

But L.A. City Councilman Bernard Parks wants cops to do one more job: Figuring out how energy drinks can be placed in special sections, with warning signs, in stores throughout L.A. Parks says the high-caffeine drinks are bad for you:

You heard that right.

After the massive blunder that was New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to ban the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces, Parks, a former LAPD chief, wants the department to explore ways to police energy drinks.

His proposal last month:

Energy!; Credit:

Energy!; Credit:

I … move that the Police Department be instructed to report with options and recommendations relative to requiring special store shelf storage and/or warning signage for the retail sale of energy drinks …

He's right though: These things are probably bad for you if you drink too many of them. Not only do they contain trucker levels of caffeine, but many also have carnatine, a chemical recently linked to heart disease.

Still, our leaders have to prioritize. And so do our police.

And, get this: Parks wants to explore banning the drinks for city employees. Never mind the strip clubs and drinking on the job. What we really need is for our public workers to be less productive!

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