Just in time for Easter weekend a Dallas auction house announced that one of four Energizer Bunnies featured prominently in the battery-maker's commercials will go up for sale in Beverly Hills.

This particular Mr. Bunny is expected to fetch at least $20,000 at the Signature Entertainment Auction April 10; opening bids start at $10,000. The 25-inch drum-banging toy was one of two most used for Energizer's television commercials prior to its “retirement” in 2000, according to Heritage Auction Galleries. The consignor is said to be a “well-known Los Angeles collector.”

“My mouth dropped open when I first saw it operate,” the anonymous consignor says. “It's like seeing a cartoon character come to life.”

The company Allard and All Effects created four bunnies named A through C. This one is C and is also nicknamed Clint. A and B were not used for the commercials after their wheels were deemed impractical, so C and D got star billing, according to the auction house. Two other bunnies, a toy deep-sea diver and a would-be astronaut, were created for Energizer in later years.

The Bunnies in contemporary Energizer commercials are digital animations.

LA Weekly